Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance

Why is it important?   We are often asked what is D&O insurance and why it is important for our organization to purchase such insurance.  The quick answer is that in many states you as a volunteer of an organization can be held personally accountable for your actions. As well as the actions of your […]

Cell Phones: A Danger in Childcare Centers?

Cell Phone – A danger in childcare centers? The average person realizes that texting and driving is dangerous. Most also realize that talking on the cell-phone, while driving is also hazardous. However, few realize that texting and talking on the cell-phone, while working at a childcare center might cause the children in their charge harm. […]

Unbelievable Claims Impact Nonprofits?

Unbelievable claims actually occur and effect of the all parties involved. While there are laws that allow the victims of false claims to counter-sue, the entire process can take months or even years to complete. False or unbelievable claims have the potential to disproportionately impact non-profits. Furthermore, they often lack the time or money to […]

Frightening Childcare Claims?

When you have children in a childcare setting, such as a day care or a preschool, you’re going to be worried about how they are cared for while you’re away from them. Unfortunately, there are a few situations when children are mistreated. These frightening childcare claims are all too real, but with day care insurance, […]