Cell Phones: A Danger in Childcare Centers?

Cell Phone – A danger in childcare centers?

The average person realizes that texting and driving is dangerous. Most also realize that talking on the cell-phone, while driving is also hazardous. However, few realize that texting and talking on the cell-phone, while working at a childcare center might cause the children in their charge harm. Walterry Insurance Brokers are a full service insurance brokerage that quickly discovered that Day Care Insurance for Day Care Providers is a must. The need for Insurance for Childcare Centers has increased. This is due to distracted daycare workers focusing on their cell-phone activities, instead of watching the children.

Distracted Workers A Big Problem

Parents drop their kids off at the daycare center to provide quality care for their children, while they are working. Interaction with staff is important to build the child’s character and to help the child develop intellectually, emotionally, and socially. However, many distracted care-givers are placing their attention on their cell-phone, instead of the kids at the childcare center. Thus, they are limiting the child’s development and placing them in a dangerous situation too. Walterry Insurance Brokers provide the owners of the Daycare Center with complete peace of mind by providing Day Care Insurance to protect the center from financial loss that is due to an accident that happened on the property. Contact Walterry Insurance for more information about their full insurance policy coverage and special coverage.


It is important to stress that caregivers are hired to provide the highest quality service to the kids they watch. It is important for the owners of the center to only hire the best workers available. In addition, it is important for parent’s to keep close watch on the workers at the center too. Inform the owners, if you notice that the workers seem inattentive or distracted by their cell-phone. Certainly, parents should not lump all childcare givers at childcare centers together. Many people on the staff at childcare centers are hardworking, reliable people that perform a great service for parent’s and the center.

Still, it is important to realize that every day care service requires full insurance coverage to provide peace of mind for all involved.