Do Newspapers Need Newspaper Libel Insurance?

Too often we hear “I’m a small community newspaper, I don’t need Newspaper Libel Insurance”. Well, like the big daily newspapers, small community newspapers need Newspaper Libel Insurance.

Listed below are several actual claims filed by small community newspapers. Could this happen to you?

“I only print the police blotter information” is what we hear a lot. Then the big crime occurs and the reporter grabs a photo for the front page story. Why do I need “media libel insurance”? We have filed several claims where the picture of someone with the same name has been accidentally used, resulting in a libel insurance claim and settlement against the newspaper.

One newspaper publishes a “What happened 100 years ago” column monthly. Was recently sued for reprinting a 100-year-old article about local resident being charged for stealing cattle. Paper was sued because the 100-year-old article was incorrect (the original paper published the correct article in the following issue). Family sued current newspaper. Current newspaper needed Newspaper E&O Insurance to provide defense.

If you publish “engagement announcements” you need “Publishers Liability Insurance”. More than once a newspaper has been sued for emotional distress when a jilted boyfriend called in false engagement announcement. Claim defense and settlement would have been provided with Libel Insurance for Newspapers.

And the big one, local politicians who have lost their recent election, sue the newspaper for an article that they believe was incorrect and caused the politician to lose the election. Publisher needs “Newspaper Libel Insurance” to provide the defense and settlement, if any.

These are only a few examples of the need for Newspaper Libel Insurance. Walterry Insurance Brokers is a leader in insuring community newspapers, insuring over 1,400 newspapers and shoppers. We have received the endorsement of the National Newspaper Association and 28 State or Regional Newspaper Associations. Call us for a no obligation or cost proposal for libel insurance for newspapers.