Frightening Childcare Claims?

hurt child When you have children in a childcare setting, such as a day care or a preschool, you’re going to be worried about how they are cared for while you’re away from them. Unfortunately, there are a few situations when children are mistreated. These frightening childcare claims are all too real, but with day care insurance, you can often get medical treatments taken care of along with a settlement for the pain and suffering of the child.

Being Left Alone

Workers are supposed to be around children at all times in a day care setting. If there are children left alone, then another child could harm one or several children in any manner. An example is a case in Massachusetts. A child was left alone with another and one of them managed to pour scalding water on the other child. This incident resulted in a $300,000 settlement for the parent.

Car Accidents

At times, day care centers will take children on field trips. It could be to a zoo, a museum or even the circus. Drivers need to have the proper license to operate the vehicle. There needs to be enough teachers in the vehicle to monitor the children. However, incidents do happen while on the road. If there is an accident involving your child while on a day care trip, Walterry Insurance Brokers can investigate to see who was at fault, getting you the compensation that you deserve for any injuries sustained as well as the overall trauma associated with the child being in a car accident.

Bites And Other Physical Injuries

When you think about children in a day care, you sometimes hear about children biting each other. If teachers are paying attention to the children, then they can usually stop the bites from happening and make sure the child who bites is punished. A 5-year-old in Maryland had her finger severed when another child closed a door on the finger. Insurance companies can help to determine if the child commits the act on purpose or if it’s an accident. It the child commits the act on purpose, then a larger settlement can usually be received. Contact Walterry Insurance Brokers today to acquire Day Care Insurance to protect both staff and children in case of child care emergencies.