Got New Jewelry? 3 Things to Do Now


If you received a new piece of jewelry for the holidays, Valentine’s Day, or other celebratory event, we’ve got a few tips to ensure that you can enjoy it for years to

1. Store it in a safe place If you’re not wearing it, you may want to keep your fine
jewelry in a bank safe or an in-home safe that has a tool and torch resistant rating of 30
minutes or more (TL-30/TR-30), is too heavy for a burglar to carry or is bolted to the
floor or home structure.

2. Get it appraised If you’re not sure of the value, seek out a professional appraiser
who can document the actual value of your piece.

3. Add it to your insurance Your homeowner’s insurance may not fully cover
expensive jewelry. To provide peace of mind, consider purchasing a valuable articles
policy that provides all-risk protection, as well as automatic coverage for newly
acquired pieces. If you’ve already got a valuable articles policy, make sure to add your
new piece to this schedule.