What Is Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and How Do I protect It?

Some of the most common questions we receive here at Walterry Insurance Brokers concern personally identifiable information, or PII. If you are an individual, a nonprofit or for profit business, here’s what you need to know about this critical form of data and how our insurance brokers can help keep yours safe.

PII Basics

Personally identifiable information is sensitive data that someone else can use to figure out who you are. Once they have it, a bad actor might harass, locate, contact, stalk or extort you. 

Common forms of PII include things like your full name, residential address, online IP address, credit card numbers, website login credentials and other data you’d prefer to keep private. If this information gets hacked, someone might be able to steal your identity.

How Do People Get PII?

In the modern digital era, there are many ways to expose your PII to bad actors. For instance, if you use an insecure website or an online store that gets hacked, then your password and payment information might be broadcasted to credit thieves. Installing smartphone apps that come from unknown developers or using passwords that are easy to guess can also help people steal your data.

How Can You Protect Your PII?

Following widely accepted digital safety practices is always a good start. For instance, the Department of Homeland Security recommends that its employees
• Never share passwords or login information,
• Be aware of scams, such as phishing emails where people ask to verify account information or pose as authorities, and
• Avoid using unsecured computers or networks, such as those in public libraries and coffee shops, to access sites that require PII.

How Can Walterry Insurance Brokers Help?

Our team of insurance brokers have access to products designed to limit your loss if you become one of the many Americans who falls prey to hacking each year. We also maintain strict privacy standards to ensure that your PII never gets shared without your authorization. 

Unlike many of our insurance broker agency competitors, we process claims as rapidly as possible, so you can rest assured your risk is minimized following a hack. Learn more about staying safe by contacting us today.