Podcasters – Don’t’ Forget Insurance

Walterry Insurance Brokers is proud to announce their Podcasters Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance program underwritten by the Chubb Group of insurance companies.

The Podcasters E&O insurance program provides Podcasters with peace of mind from the following Podcasters Liability types of claims.

What if the Podcaster is sued for defamation?  Or the Podcaster is sued for invasion of privacy and/or emotional distress? They need insurance for Podcasters.

Can a Podcaster be sued for copyright infringement, unauthorized use of music or photos or advertising errors and omissions?  Yes they can.  That is why a Podcaster needs the Podcasters Liability insurance program from Walterry Insurance Brokers.

Even if the Podcaster is determined not to be guilty, the legal cost to defend the Podcaster can quickly escalate.   The Podcasters Liability policy includes unlimited defense for covered claims.

For more information about the Podcasters Liability insurance program, contact the agent with the market for Podcaster insurance at media@walterry.com or call 800-638-8791.